Take a breath – you’ve arrived… the answer is quantum…

It is the Quantum Revolution Tour

We’re here to help you step into your quantum potential – that shining light lying dormant inside just waiting to see the light of day.

The Quantum Revolution Tour will help you activate the potential inside you – so you can heal your relationship with yourself and feel more happy, abundant and free.

This event is for anyone looking for:

  a breakthrough in any part of their life – relationships, business, money, health and time

  clarity on their purpose and path in life

  an expansion of their spiritual journey

Previous events have helped those who have experienced fear, anxiety, PTSD, depression, addictions,  childhood trauma, family drama, poverty, illness, self-sabotage or worthiness issues. More than an event, this is a DNA activation that will help you master your time, relationships, money, and health.


Quantum Revolution Tour Kansas is not your typical workshop – it will bring together quantum physics and the power of love – through the spirit of Mother Africa – to help people hack their fears and step full potential.

There is nothing new-age or ‘woo-woo’ here – every element is based on what we know about quantum physics and how it can be used to regenerate ourselves to access greater success in life, relationships, business, and health.

To create this environment we’re harnessing quantum meditation techniques, sound healing, dance and Tesla technology that’s been under wraps for more than 80 years. Together these will help you access a meditative state that will see you eliminate your fears and focus on what’s important to you.

Attend Quantum Revolution Tour if you are ready to activate your full potential and freedom.

The Evolution of the Quantum Revolution Tour

The Quantum Revolution Tour is the brainchild of quantum healer and

spiritual teacher Jessica Alstrom.

Jessica heads TICA (Transcendence International Consciousness Academy) and facilitates the global coaching forum Quantum Life. Her work bridges the gap between science, spiritual development, and ancient medicine. She is a Quantum Sound Healer, Life Coach, and Medical Intuitive. Her work has reached 102 countries worldwide and she teaches regularly from her home base in Kansas.

Other speakers include:

Jen Ramsey

Jen is a life and business strategist who helps people find their passion and tear down the walls of fear and anxiety keeping them locked in a box. Coming from a background in a corporate consulting she knows what it takes to turn life, and old patterns, on their head and live successfully from the heart, and on your terms. As a key member of the Quantum Revolution Team, she will lead the dance activations in Kansas designed to help you feel the freedom of living inside your body and find your purpose. She will also teach you how to live your new quantum reality when you return home.

Lisa McCullough

Lisa is an essential Oils Wellness coach specializing in integrating High Vibration Oils & Crystal Energy to positively affect the emotional & physical body on the quantum level. She uses the oils & crystals to raise personal vibration and frequency and to assist in working through emotions, limiting beliefs & blockages helping us become pure positive potential. In Kansas , Lisa will share how her channeled crystal-infused oil potions powerfully support brain chemistry to help raise our frequency, by utilizing crystal energy and the lifeforce of plants to support us at the level of body, mind & spirit.

Christina Macdonald

Christina is a sound healer working with tuning forks, solfeggio sound pipes, crystal bowls, and Tibetan bowls and gongs. She has been working with these beautiful tools for the last five years and has had great success in helping people heal their mind, body, and spirit. She is a trained healing medium through the SNU, UK and also practices Reiki and Rahanni. She is blessed to be sharing her highest joy of sound and frequencies with you in Kansas.

Nicole Anderson Land

Nicole has been an entrepreneur for nearly 2 decades always digging deeply into self-development and a better way of life. She had the gift of moving to a home on the lake offering water healing 10 years ago and that is when she started her awareness practice. It all started with nature really noticing the gift of this beautiful planet we live on. Over these last 10 years, she has developed healthy patterns that have transformed her into who she is today, always expanding, accepting and loving self-care practices. She is a 200K Brand Promoter with Le-Vel’s Thrive nutritional products and CBD skincare line. She shares with passion because the products have helped change and shape her life in so many ways from feeling 15 years younger to a lifestyle of freedom that she created through residual income. Over the last several years she has been digging very deep to heal old wounds, mostly old stories that are no longer true that she was unaware of till she noticed her life was in repeat. She has implemented many disciplines that have allowed her to drop limiting beliefs and become the highest version of herself in both business and personal. She now helps women remember who they are, who they truly are by reintroducing them to their inner “wild” child and the highest version of themselves in the most vulnerable way because “we are all just practicing together” is her motto. In her experience, we all have pressure to conform, we are labeled by being a Good Mom, Good Wife, Good Employee, Good friend, and a Good Citizen. There are too many damn rules about who we are supposed to be. Nicole knows along this journey of life, she’s needed some help in remembering the Bad Ass that she is, taking back her power and healing old stories that she buried deep, things that she thought made her a bad person when she never was. Nicole is here to help you get back to the Power Of You, feeling good from the inside out!


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