Dark Night of the Soul Awakening Thanks to a Chance YouTube Video

Dark night of the soul is a term we’re hearing more and more. For Don Shure, it opened the way to a breakthrough he’d spent a lifetime looking for. He found the path to his awakening thanks to a chance video on YouTube.

Dark Night of the Soul Breakthrough Thanks to a YouTube video

Like many people, Don Shure reached a stage in his life where things weren’t as they seemed. In fact, things were pretty bleak on all fronts until his son suggested he look at a video on YouTube that explained the concept of the dark night of the soul – and what you could do about it. The video, by quantum spiritual teacher Jessica Alstrom, and his experience at her Quantum Revolution Event in Miami, turned his life around. Now he is lighter, happier and more connected with himself and others.  Watch this video to hear Don’s story:

In this video, Don mentions the work of Jessica Alstrom and her Quantum Revolution Tour.

Could Jessica Alstrom Help You Heal Your Dark Night of the Soul?

Many would say that Jessica is a specialist in healing a dark night of the soul.  

Could she help you with your dark night of the soul?

Absolutely yes – she has reached thousands of people across more than 102 countries helping them with anxiety, PTSD, trauma, illness and how to manifest a new reality in their lives.

Coming from the perspective of quantum physics she offers a special blend of compassion, caring and straight up support.

Most importantly she teaches “how to” fix a dark night of the soul rather than talking about it in philosophical terms.   

To hear Jessica speak you can join the free Quantum Revolution Community Facebook Group here. You can also join her at the next Quantum Revolution Tour event in Las Vegas. Click here for more information.

What is the Quantum Revolution Tour?

The Quantum Revolution Tour events are 3-day transformational experiences helping you create what you want most in your life – be it a happy, loving relationship, better health, more money or the career or business of your dreams.

If you are ready to move on from your dark night of the soul, take your power back and really step into your best self join us.  All you have to do is to say yes to yourself and get yourself there.

The next event is on 22 – 24 March 2019 at the Red Rock Hotel Las Vegas. For more information and to book your ticket click here.

Dark Night of the Soul Video on YouTube

Would you like to see that video that started Don on working through his dark night of the soul? Click here to view it.

Do You Know Someone Going Through a Dark Night of the Soul Right Now?

If you know of anyone going through a dark night of the soul Don’s story will surely give them hope. Please pass this blog onto them. It could give them the breakthrough they are looking for!

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