1. What is the Quantum Revolution?

The Quantum Revolution is a community where you can take your power back and say YES to the life you dream of. If you’re ready to manifest the freedom and abundance you want in your life join us

We’re all about helping you stage a quantum revolt against the war within – the habits, self-judgments, and criticisms of ourselves and others that stop us from stepping into our best version of ourselves –  and saying a “hell yes” to taking action.

Join us in our free Facebook community here. We also offer a paid online academy and workshops and live events around the globe.

2. What is the Quantum Revolution Tour Event?

If you really want to step into your power – your true quantum potential – join us for our next Quantum Revolution Event in Las Vegas on 22 to 24 March 2019.

In 3 days you’ll get in touch with who you really are – your higher self, clarify your purpose and create a plan to access the abundance and freedom you’re looking for in your life.

You’ll also break old habits and patterns that have been holding you back.

If you have ever asked yourself…

  Is this all there is? I feel so stuck and confused in my life

  When will I find love? I’m tired of feeling lonely and unloved

  How can I feel more abundance? Money is very tight in my life

  How can I feel more peace and less stress?

  What’s my life purpose and how can I live it?

  When will I feel better? I’ve had enough of illness, fear, anxiety or depression

  Why do some parts of my life work like career or finances, but not others?

  I’ve been on the spiritual path forever – why can’t I get a breakthrough?

Then this event is for you.

Not your typical seminar,  our events use cutting-edge quantum technology,  music, sound, light, meditation, breathwork, brain entrainment, and bio-hacks to help you create change.

When you come to our live events you also get to tap into an amazing community of like-minded people – all ready, willing and now able to live their best lives.

Our next event in Las Vegas on 22 to 24 March promises to be absolutely life-changing.

If you’re ready to shake it all up and come out on top in your life join us in Las Vegas.

3. What is the Quantum Revolution Warrior Training?

The Quantum Revolution Warrior Training is an online 8-week workshop to help you identify old patterns and habits holding you back. It will give you the tools to build your inner warrior and step into 2019 with true purpose and power. It is free with every ticket sold to the Quantum Revolution Tour. Valued at $297 the workshop involves 8 weeks of classes and detailed worksheets by Jessica Alstrom and her team. The live version of the workshop started on 20 January 2019.

4. Who is behind the Quantum Revolution?

The Quantum Revolution is the brainchild of quantum spiritual teacher, medical intuitive and channel Jessica Alstrom. Jessica has a Masters of Biochemistry and heads Transcendence International Consciousness Academy where she has coached hundreds of students globally on the use of quantum science to create change.

Her co-founders and revolution facilitators include:

  • Amber Frelin – an epigenetics meditation specialist and quantum life coach specializing in addiction recovery
  • Christian Escobedo – serial entrepreneur and expert in the new freedom currencies
  • Jen Ramsey – quantum movement facilitator and freedom coach helping people shed their fears, find their voice, step into their power and live life and do business on their terms.

Other speakers at our live events include:

    • essential oil goddess Lisa McCullough.
    • quantum sound healer Christina McDonald.

5. Why is it called a Quantum Revolution?

This is a “Quantum” revolution because it’s based on science – the cutting edge science of Quantum Mechanics.

Quantum Mechanics explains nature at the smallest scale of energy – at the level of atoms, sub-atomic particles, and waveforms.

Now an accepted part of modern physics it states the nature of reality is only solid when focused upon – meaning what we focus on in life is what we get – so we can consciously change our reality whenever and wherever we want to!

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