How to Sleep Better, Boost Your Abundance and Create More Time – thanks to saying yes to a quantum perspective

Have you ever struggled with sleep so much that when your alarm goes off everything feels like a fog and your to-do list feels like an overwhelming, 10-ton brick on your chest? And as the day starts do you feel like you’re walking in knee-deep mud you’re so tired?

Has the answer to the question “how to sleep better” been like an elusive shadowy figure in your life … always just out of reach? If so you aren’t alone.

How to Sleep Better Has Been My Number One Question For Years

How to sleep better has been almost the number one question on my mind for more years than I care to remember. Is it yours?

I’ve been dogged by bad sleep since I was a small girl and have tried more sleep hacks than I can count. Some have worked a little but I’ve consistently struggled to get the quality, healthy sleep that I knew was the basis of a happy, fulfilled life.

You see I come from the self-development philosophy that accessing my highest potential and happiness is based on 4 foundational factors:

  1. High-quality sleep
  2. High-quality food
  3. High-quality exercise
  4. High-quality thought

Sounds pretty simple right?

It is – provided you’re committed and you’ve got your conscious and sub-conscious ducks lined up in a row.

The good news I’ve had the high-quality food and exercise in hand for years. I eat mindfully and do yoga, movement, and meditation every morning. I’ve also worked on my thoughts.

Still, sleep has eluded … and frustrated me … especially as I share a bed with an Olympic-Gold-Medal-level sleeper. My husband can lay his head on the pillow and be asleep within seconds. Once he even slipped off to dreamland in mid-conversation … at the moment I left the room to rinse my mouth from cleaning my teeth … poof, he was gone to the land of ZZZZZs.

My Answer To Sleep Came From An Unlikely Source & Series of Events

How to sleep better, jessica alstrom, quantum perspective, quantum revolution,In mid-2017 I found an unexpected guide in the area of high-quality sleep and also high-quality thoughts.  This person was Jessica Alstrom (see picture right).  Jessica is a spiritual teacher and intuitive who teaches from the perspective of quantum physics. She is one of the most amazingly gifted, loving, kind-hearted and smart people I have ever met in the field of self-development … or anywhere else for that matter.

Jess does not pull any punches and as I watched her YouTube videos, and joined her online academy I could see there was a lot more I could do to change my thoughts and my sleep patterns … if I chose to look at it from a quantum perspective.

There is nothing “woo-woo” about Jess – she teaches pure quantum physics and personal responsibility … and she is 1000% committed to seeing you succeed in life.

Jess has helped me realize that all I am is frequency and vibration and that everything … and I mean everything … I feel, think and do will affect my current and future reality. Therefore I need to be extra careful about what I focus on. And if I want things to change I’m the one who needs to take responsibility to do this.

So What Does Quantum Physics Have to Do with Better Sleep?

Well, everything it seems – provided you say yes to yourself … and you follow through!

In early 2018 I did an intensive mentorship with Jess where I decided to further up-level every part of my life – my relationship, my business, my approach to money and time and of course my approach to sleep.

As part of this, I said yes to attending Jess’s very first Quantum Revolution Tour event in Miami in October 2018.

From the moment I said yes to Miami, I was activated. You see I live on the east coast of Australia and it takes 24 hours and flying through multiple time zones to get there. I also had a family and business schedule that meant I couldn’t be away for too long.

The distance was not the greatest thing for someone who doesn’t sleep well – but I knew I had to be there. Not just to help with my sleep but for me to step into the next level of myself and my life. It was time to take a stand and say yes.

The 3-day event was outstanding on every level – as Jessica took the concept of a traditional workshop and turned it completely on its head. She created a space based on quantum physics, sound therapy, and DNA activation and transformation. Throw in some amazing music, movement, and breathwork and she crafted an environment where miracles literally did happen.

How to sleep better, Jen Ramsey, quantumI also met many wonderful people who are now great friends. Here is a picture of me at the event with the lovely Amber Frelin (right).

For me there were many miracles – I am now living my truth and my business and career are expanding, because I have a much better relationship with myself, money and time. That would be more than enough for most people – but for me, one of the other stand-out changes has been the breakthrough in my sleep.

Today I Have a Different Relationship with Sleep

Today I have a different relationship with sleep and it has a different relationship with me. Through the experiences I had at the event I can now confidently go to sleep at night without having to take a sleeping tablet. I wake up refreshed after less sleep than I thought I needed.

How to sleep better is not a question I relentlessly ask myself anymore. I have faith and trust in myself, and my body, that I will get the sleep I need.

And I’ve also realized even more deeply what I knew in my heart to be true – sleep is an incredible building block for life. Now I have better quality sleep I have more access to creative inspiration and the energy to do the things I choose to do.

So What Exactly About the Event Caused The Big Change in My Sleep?

If you were to ask me exactly what was it that changed me – I would say it was physically BEING at the event to experience the activations – as well as completely changing my attitude to my “rules” and behaviors around sleep. I have taken full responsibility for what I think, feel and do about the concept of sleeping. And I now manage sleep from my own quantum perspective.

So if you are struggling with how to sleep better or know someone who is, I encourage you to attend a Quantum Revolution Tour event. They are held at least three times a year in amazing places around the globe.

What is the Quantum Revolution Tour About?

The Quantum Revolution Tour events are about much more than sleep – they are about creating what you want most in your life – be it a happy, loving relationship, better health, more money or the career or business of your dreams. It is all possible – all you have to do is to say yes to yourself and get yourself there.

The next event is on 22 – 24 March 2019 at the Red Rock Hotel Las Vegas and I’m proud to be a speaker at the event and a member of the activation team. For more information and to book your ticket click here.

Jen Ramsey is a life and business strategist who helps people find their passion and tear down the walls of fear and anxiety keeping them locked in a box. Coming from a background in a corporate consulting she knows what it takes to turn life, and old patterns, on their head and live successfully from the heart, and on your terms. As a key member of the Quantum Revolution Team, she leads the movement activations at the events designed to help you feel the freedom of living inside your body and find your purpose. She also teaches how to live your new quantum reality when you return home.
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