New Years Resolutions 2019: 7 Hacks to Create Resolutions that Stick

New Years Resolutions can be powerful cues for amazing changes in your life or they can be another reason to be down on yourself if you don’t follow through on them. Our 7 hacks will show you how to make a set of new years resolutions that will stick so you can create the changes you want for yourself and your life.  

Are you ready to create some new years resolutions that you will follow through on? If so read these hacks that share how to make new years resolutions that resonate for you, and explain what you need to do to make them stick!

New Years Resolutions: How to Make Resolutions that Work for YOU

1. Get clear on your real reason for your new years resolutions

New years resolutions are all about making a change for the better in your life.

Are you making your new years resolutions because they are important to you or because they are important to others in your life?

For example: Do you want that brand new job because your husband is glad it will pay more OR do you want to create more time for you, alongside your current job, so you can start that passion project/side hustle you’ve been thinking about for the last 5 years?

What would make the biggest difference to YOU in your life this year?

The reason we’re asking is that when your resolutions are based on what’s most important to you – you’ll have a much more compelling reason to follow through – and you’ll feel much happier while you’re doing it.

A classic new years resolution is to lose weight – but what is your underlying reason for that? Is it so you can feel better in front of your friends at the beach OR is so you can have a strong body and energy that will allow you to do the volunteer work at the animal shelter that you know will light you up?

See the difference? The beach body is all about “what others think about me on the outside” Vs the strong body is all about “what I can accomplish and how I can feel on the inside”.

So what is most important to you and what do you really want for your life? Is there a quiet voice inside you asking you to listen to it?

To listen to that voice take a quick break from your daily routine, grab paper and a pen, sit down, take a deep breath and listen to what comes up. You’ll be amazed at what arises when you take a moment to listen.

2. Tap Into Your Unlimited (Quantum) Potential

At the Quantum Revolution, we’re all about helping you tap into your unlimited or ‘quantum’ potential to achieve your dreams. This is not woo woo – it’s straight quantum physics which tells us that we are surrounded by what is called the ‘quantum field of possibilities’ – and that what we focus on in that field is what we get in life.

So as you think about what you’d like to achieve this year dream big and think about what you really would love to achieve? This is about casting the net wide and allowing yourself to envision what you would really love for yourself, your life and your loved ones.

Sometimes our new year’s resolutions feel tired or ordinary and don’t stick is because we’re not allowing ourselves to step into our true desires and the bigger vision for our lives. We’re also not looking at the deeper reason as to why we want to achieve that resolution.

You have the choice to create the life you want – take some time to think about what is out there that you could do if you set your mind to it.

3. Tune into the person you need to become to achieve your resolutions

This is something that’s rarely discussed but is often the reasons our resolutions fail. We need to tune into the characteristics of the person who will achieve those resolutions. I’m not talking here about being inauthentic or changing your values – what I’m talking about is enhancing the parts of ourselves that will support the physical change we want to see happen in our lives.

For example if this year you’ve decided you want to start speaking in public  – yet you’re afraid of putting yourself out there – you’re going to need to call on the characteristic of courage and you’re going to need to live from a courageous place every day to achieve that resolution.

You need to look at who you need to become on the inside to achieve what you want to achieve in the outside world.

From a quantum perspective, we call this tuning into the frequency and vibration of courage. As I prepare myself for the new year and the things I want to achieve there are several frequencies I’ll be tuning into – on the inside – that will support the changes I want to make on the outside. Courage is one of them BTW!

4. Create a simple plan to achieve your resolution

Rome wasn’t built in a day and it’s likely your new years resolution won’t be achieved in a day either. Anything worth doing will take time and action on your part.

Sometimes after a new years resolution is set the thought of achieving it can be overwhelming. The best way to achieve a big picture goal is to break it down into smaller, “bite-sized” pieces.

So take out a sheet of paper and write down the big steps or actions needed to achieve your goal. Write down how long each step might take and what help you’ll need to achieve your resolution.  

There is a lot of support around you to help you with your dream – often all you have to do is ask.

Once you’ve made your list just make a start on the first action. If that feels too big – then chunk that down into bite-sized pieces and make a start on that. You’ll be amazed at how good you feel once you make a start.

New Years Resolutions: How to Make Them Stick

5. Give Yourself Small Wins that You Can Celebrate

The beauty of chunking down your big goal is that it gives you lots of small wins that you can celebrate along the way.

For example, if you’ve decided you’d like to learn how to cook a 7-course Thai banquet for your partner’s special birthday  – the first step could be finding some good Thai recipes online and filing them into one place. The next step could be shopping for the ingredients. Another step could be testing a recipe out with a friend. Each step is a small milestone that can be celebrated.

This will give you a feeling of success … and what happens when we’re feeling successful? We feel more excited and more confident. And when we’re more excited and confident we’re more likely to keep going toward our end goal.

Why does this work? From a quantum perspective, we’re keeping our emotional frequency and vibration high. So the more we keep our vibe high by celebrating our successes along the way the more our vibe stays high to help us reach our end goal.

So don’t wait to create the 7-course Thai banquet to feel like you’ve achieved your goal – celebrate the many small successes along the way.

6. Surround Yourself with Like-minded People

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is a critical step to achieving your new year’s resolutions. Just look at the phenomenon that is cross-fit to see the value of having team support from people who will be your cheerleader and push you to be your best.

So if you’re really serious about your new year’s resolutions become part of a group or community that will encourage you to be your best.

There’s a Facebook group for just about any new years resolution you likely have so looked online if you can’t find any local support. If you’d like some support with your new years resolutions and to step into your best self feel free to join our Quantum Revolution Facebook community here.

7. Look below the Surface and Deal with Your Shadows

If you really want to know why you’ve not achieved your new year’s resolutions – and you want to make this year’s resolutions stick – look no further than your own patterns of behaviour.

If you find yourself saying things like: “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not smart enough” or “I’ve tried that before but it never works for me” chances are you’re running a story in your head, and a program in your body, that is stopping you from not only achieving your new years resolutions for 2019 but your dreams for your entire life.

We all have shadows, behaviours, and patterns that stop us from achieving even our most deeply held desires. The best way to achieve your new years resolutions is to look below the surface to see what could be holding you back.

If you’re sick of:

  • Setting goals and new year resolutions only to fall back into the same old patterns within weeks
  • Moving 10 steps forward then falling all the way back on your journey
  • Taking training after training but not making any money or living the life you want
  • Feeling a call or urge to help but feel stuck not knowing how…

… then you may want to look more deeply at what is going on for you on the inside.  

This is where it gets serious – this is where the rubber hits the road for you and your dreams.

At the Quantum Revolution we’re committed to helping you achieve your new year’s resolutions, and your big picture dreams, so we’ve created a workshop to help you kick those shadows to the kerb once and for all. It’s called the Quantum Revolution Warrior Training. Watch this video from our founder Jessica Alstrom to find out more. 


If you’d like more information on the Quantum Revolution Warrior Training click here.

Take These Hacks To Heart and Good Luck!

So from all of us at the Quantum Revolution we want to wish you the best for creating new years resolutions that resonate with you and that you will follow through on.

Please share your resolutions in the comments below.

If you’d like any help at all with setting or achieving your resolutions we’re here to help. Just message us in the comments or join our Facebook Group Quantum Revolution Community here.

Jen Ramsey is one of the co-founders of The Quantum Revolution – a community all about helping you take your power back and saying YES to the life you dream of ( She’s an intuitive embodiment and business coach who helps people find their passion and tear down any walls of fear and anxiety keeping them locked in a box. Coming from a successful career in a corporate consulting she knows what it takes to turn life, and old patterns, on their head and live successfully from the heart, on your terms. As a workshop facilitator, speaker and coach she guides people on the path from fear to freedom.


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