What on Earth is a Quantum Revolution?

By Jessica Alstrom

Hi there – maybe you’ve landed here because you’ve heard about the magic of our Miami or Thailand Quantum Revolution events, or perhaps you’ve seen a video online and something has resonated. I’m here to share what on earth a “quantum revolution” is and why should you join ours in Las Vegas this March.

The Quantum Revolution is a “Hell Yes” to Rising Up

Our Quantum Revolution Tour is designed to help you break your old patterns (those things that hold you back from reaching your full potential) and saying a “hell yes” to the life you dream of.

This is a quantum revolt against the war within – the habits, self-judgments and criticisms of ourselves and others that stop us from stepping into our best version of ourselves –  and a “hell yes” to taking action.

It’s time to break the cycle of trauma, pain or an abusive or addictive mindset.

At the Quantum Revolution, we’ll help you do that and create the abundance and freedom you are looking for in your life.

Why is it called a “Quantum” Revolution?

It’s a “Quantum” revolution because it’s based on science – the cutting edge science of Quantum Mechanics, or Quantum Physics. Quantum Mechanics explains nature at the smallest scale of energy – at the level of atoms and sub-atomic particles. Now an accepted part of modern physics it states the nature of reality is only solid when focused upon – meaning what we focus on in life is what we get.

Quantum Mechanics also says the behavior of the observer affects the observed –  this means that our behaviors and what we focus our mind and our body’s electromagnetic energy on impacts the atomic structure of what we observe. This means our reality is a mirror of what we believe. So when you change your focus, your reality changes.

Did You Know Your Life Story is on Repeat?

Show me your childhood and I will show you your patterns. Show me your trauma and I’ll show you how you manifest those feelings repeatedly with other people, places and things. Our mind at an unconscious level takes on our experiences as children and becomes a continuous loop that replays the stories of physical pain, abuse, neglect, rejection, abandonment, shame, and so on.

The scenarios in your life may be different but the feelings are identical. Take a quick look at your past – be it relationships, money, jobs, health – and you’ll see I’m right.

While we may know we are here to be of service – as messengers, teachers, guides, healers, warriors, messengers, creators or artists – we have become bogged down in basic survival. We spend countless hours checking out of our lives instead of checking in to our true selves.

We trade time for money rather than being paid to be ourselves.

But we are so much more and we can break these patterns, heal our bodies, and shift into unlimited amounts of energy, abundance, knowledge, and freedom.

And the best part?

It doesn’t matter where you are in your life right now. This quantum revolution is possible for everybody.

You Can Hack Your Biology and Your Beliefs

As Dr Bruce Lipton says in his book “The Biology of Belief” our biology is impacted by our thoughts and our experiences. As children, our nervous system freeze response gets activated through shock, humiliation, pain, abuse, loss, shame and more. Once activated it sends a survival alert to the brain, altering our blueprint for living.

This is not a conscious choice so the new patterns become habitual, and so our manifestations repeat.

Even though the human body has an amazing ability to adapt, learn, and grow if can be derailed due to trauma. Our lives end up playing out a survival story, often focusing on what we lack not what we want.

But you can hack your biology. Quantum physics tells us the observer affects the observed. So if our patterns are a reflection of the stories we have told ourselves for 30+ years – we can use our own electromagnetic energy to re-program ourselves and manifest a new reality.  We create our reality through the dual lenses of our belief and focus.

So What is the Quantum Revolution Tour?

Our Quantum Revolution Tour has been designed to bio-hack your long-impacted programs so you can shift to a place of conscious creation, freedom, and abundance. It will help you focus on your desires and dreams instead of losses and pain.

The Tour will help you tap into your innate desire to become more present and free to authentically be of service. It’s time to step into your full power and freedom. Are you ready?

Is it Possible to Make This Change in Three Days?

Yes! Through years of working with quantum mechanics, we understand how you’ve been hurting yourself, and how to stop that. We know the unconscious frequency patterns you’re running from old trauma. Better yet, we know how to interrupt the patterns and manually elevate your brainwaves to neutralize old patterns and create new ones.

Through the use of advanced technologies and bio-hacks at the Tour we’ll help you transform your outdated software into the real you. It’s a 2.0 upgrade to the “you” you were before the world told you “no”. The you that not only can heal fully but shift into unlimited abilities with physical strength to match.

Throughout the Quantum Revolution Tour, we’ll be using:

  • Epigenetics – the science of turning genes off and on
  • Brain entrainment – using frequencies to access higher consciousness and clearing fear from the lower brainwave settings
  • Scalar energy healing – bringing in advanced technology from Quantum Sound Therapy to clear and transform your energy
  • Detoxification – letting go of any and all physical emotional and chemical information stored at a cellular level
  • Quantum sound healing – igniting the body’s full potential, activating dormant DNA, quieting the mind, and healing trauma. All through sound, light, movement, and breath
  • Nervous system repair – self-hypnosis techniques to command your hormones and heal
  • Movement – to reopen your innate energy flow and integrate healing
  • Music – to bring coherence of the left and right brain, balancing logic with artistry
  • Method acting – helping you become the real you through action, practice, and intentions to change the body’s perspective and mindsets.

How Will You Feel After the Quantum Revolution Tour?

After Las Vegas, your body will be able to hold higher frequencies and you will have a new plan for your life. Your outdated programs will have been reset and new neural-pathways of your brain restructured.

Your body will feel lighter. Your awareness will increase and your level of presence and connectedness will be powerful. You will have a better sense of who you are at your core level. Your thoughts will come from a new level of awareness. The schedule has been designed to cater to any detoxing old trauma and to reboot your system for your new reality.

Watch the highlights of our Miami event below or read our testimonials page to see what attendees felt after our Miami event.

Feeling like you want in? Click here to select your best package option. We cannot wait to see you in Las Vegas!


Jessica Alstrom heads TICA (Transcendence International Consciousness Academy)facilitates the global coaching forum Quantum Life and is the founder of the Quantum Revolution Tour. Jessica holds a Masters in Biochemistry and her work bridges the gap between science, spiritual development, and ancient medicine. She is a Quantum Sound Healer, Life Coach, and Medical Intuitive. A mother of four children, her work has reached 102 countries worldwide and she teaches regularly from her home base in Kansas.

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